America is all about speed,hot nasty bad a%$ speed

Eleanor Roosevelt 1946

Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay im not sure where this is going.Im gonna keep the blog up because it s cool to look back at were ive been.Not sure how much of the content will apply to racing.As much as i love riding and racing my bike,thats way on the backburner for now.As i type this i have 16 days left before i report to duty.Im excited but of course stressed at the same time.Im gonna miss all my friends ive met through cycling.Im gonna keep in touch as much as i can.This will be my last post for at least 10 weeks.Lately its been tough lately training wise with everything else going on.Ive been lucky to ride my bike bike maybe once a week.Ive been concentrating more on running because thats what ill be doing in basic.I sold my race bike recently.It was tough seeing it go away on someone elses bike rack.Cool thing is it went to a fellow racer.Ill have to admit i got a little emotional.Its funny a bike like that becomes like a extra appendage.All the races and rides its been on.Thats why i bought a 6 inch travel bike to transition back to a weekend warrior and get my mind off of racing.Now my Jedi mind focus is aceing my pt test in basic and all my test in Ait,and becoming a Blackhawk Crewchief.Im not sure where Ill end up.Im sure Ill end up somewhere warm and sandy.Not sure about my first duty station though.Maybe there will be mountain bike race nearby!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Future Soldier Program

I'm in the delayed entry program for the Army so I can get a promotion for completing the future soldier program before shipping to basic.The requirements are a 2 mile run in 18.34 .35 push-ups in 2 minutes.43 sit-ups in 2 minutes. My recruiter ask me if I was ready to be tested yesterday. I said I'd give it a shot.(he don't know the full about all the riding, running I do)So I did 60 pushups60situps and ran the 2 miles in 13.20!It was funny seeing the look on all thease skinny ass 17-20 year holds faces getting smoked by a 188 pound 30 year old!Some started out fast only for me to passem on the next mile!I feel all the riding I've been doing has been leading up to this.Its gonna be tough leaving all the awesome people I've met through cycling in the last 6 years.Its been a awesome ride now I m just seeing where this takes me!I've got the support of my wife and kids to help me through.Good thing about Facebook, blogs ill be able to keep in touch with all my peeps no matter where I am.Could be Germany maybe Hawaii or the armpit of the us Georgia who knows?Do blackhawks have bike racks?Hmmmmmm.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


No updates lately been riding less running more.Lots of changes going on lately.I'm fulfilling a life long dream of mine and joined the Army.Been running to be more prepared for basic training.I ship out to Fort Benning 1/25/11.Approximately 9 weeks later off to Fort Eustis for my AIT.Going in as 15 Tango. Working on Blackhawks.I'm definitely going airborne!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Been riding less lately. Its funny I ride to destress but when I'm stressed to the Max I find hard to get motivated to suite up. Air up the tires and ride.So I've been running a lot lately.I can get a nice run in about 40 minutes. Been running for other reasons to.Cheaper. less gear and maybe a career change that will require me to.For 8 weeks anyway. Last race was the id3 crit I was the Guy at the back getting lapped. Couldn't hang.33rd outta 35.Not dead last anyway.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Man I can say enough good things about Kenny Palmer the man behind this event.This year he added a 5 hour category which attracted over 23 people! I opted out to little riding lately .I done the xc course sport category.The trails were tacky!Best I've seen em.I started hard leading out past by 1 Guy so I settled in 2nd place maintained it for a lap then swapped back and forth and ended up 3rd by less then a minute only about 2 outta first! It was hot and I was going as hard as I could that day.My good buddy Jeff wrecked hard on his 2 nd lap.landing on his knee.Ended up getting 6 stitches and a knee immobilizer.Good times.It was a great event and it continue s to evolve.Looking forward to Montvale I gotta score to settle.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bradshaw Loop

Rode the Bradshaw loop from Patrick Henry and back.48 miles in less then 2 and a half hours.Averaged 19.1mph!It was me Gordon 29er crew Wadsworth, David and some dude named dick.We were rolling on the flats around30mph!It was a fast ride on the last pull back I hung with Gordon for a mile or so then he was gone.He's fast!I was a little dissatisfied with Davids performance. I had to wait on him repeatedly.Ever since he got back from his cruise he's been riding a little soft.It was nice to get in 48 miles well before noon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wednesday night ride from Cardinal bike (aka most awesome bike shop)Usually a low key ride so I rolled up on my Tricross geared 1×9 (44 x 11/34)ready to spin the legs out. First ride since MoM. Well about 10 people showed up 6 of em fast guys so the ride got cranked up to 11!Once I fell out of the draft it was Balls to the Wall spinning the 44 as fast as I could to catch back up. Once on Rutrough road it heated up again I hung in there felt okay for coming off a century and hitting the gym before hand.I got plenty of leftovers from my cookout this weekend to recover!Solid ride it was fun.But It was like bringing a knife to a gun show.Next time ill be prepared.